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Photography is a way of life for me; so simple yet so very hard to do well! It has led to so many wonderful experiences and started so many lasting friendships that I could not be without it….It's a way to observe, to understand, to connect…


Whilst a dying Goethe made the painfully true observation that:


‘No one has ever properly understood me, I have never fully understood anyone; and no one understands anyone else.’


Through photography I have found a way to strengthen that all too puny understanding of the world just a little.


Now living in Ontario, Canada, when people overseas ask me where I’m originally from, the most consistently reliable way to tell them has been to say “Did you ever see The Full Monty?!” This low budget Oscar winning movie has in recent years put Sheffield more on the global map than its true heritage as the home of the Steel Industry now does. But that is another story…..


This website is primarily dedicated to my own personal work, but I have also do plenty of professional assignments covering events, concerts, sports events, “grip & grins” family portraits etc. It's just that well, it's the personal documentary work I feel most strongly about.


I continue to travel the globe both personally and as a volunteer advisor for CESO, the Canadian business development charity, constantly in search of those chimeric images that for the briefest of moments pull our chaotic world into some sort of focus.


One day I hope to reflect on the work I’ve done and perhaps make some more meaningful collections from the various themes that have appeared across the years, but for now, I’m posting just a few shots that I enjoy, and hope you do too.


Edward J. Allen

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